Trash to Treasure: 7 Creative Furniture Upcycling Ideas

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Ready for a change in décor? Disposing of your old furniture can be a bigger problem than you think, especially if your city has strict curbside collection regulations. It’s also very wasteful, with the EPA estimating that approximately 3 million tons of furniture are discarded every year. As a result, upcycling furniture has become a popular alternative to disposal in recent years.

Upcycling is a way to reuse objects that would otherwise be discarded to create something new. So, before you toss your old table and chairs, consider repurposing your furniture to achieve the new look you’re looking for.

Learn how to repurpose furniture with inspiration from the upcycling pros.

7 DIY Repurposed Furniture Ideas to Inspire You

Upcycle Dresser Drawers Into DIY Shelves

Difficulty Rating: Novice

Leftover drawers? Leftover paint? Put the two together to create bonus bathroom storage. A quick coat of paint transforms an old dresser drawer into a chic hanging shelf for toiletries and decorative items. Use a few pieces of scrap wood to build dividers and a spray adhesive to add decorative paper for a personal touch.

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