The Best Energy-Saving Gadgets to Help You Save Money on Your Utility Bills

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Netatmo Smart Thermostat, £130

If you want something a little cheaper, there’s always the Netatmo smart thermostat. It has an e-ink display (which uses less power than Nest’s LCD), integration with Amazon’s Alexa and Siri, a smartphone app (Android, iOS, and Windows), remote controls, easy installation, auto-care (that informs you of any problems), and auto-adapt that learns from you and programmes itself.

geo Minim Electricity Energy Monitor, £35

If your energy provider hasn’t gifted you with a smart meter, you might want a device to keep tabs on all your energy usage. This monitor does much the same thing as a smart meter, letting you see how much power you’re using in real time – displayed in CO2 emissions, kWh, and (most importantly) GBP. It’s easy to install, and it keeps a history of your usage so you can see where your money is being drained.

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