The 10 Best Works of Street Art in Berlin

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Berlin’s title as the UNESCO’s “City of Design” extends well beyond its world-class museums and onto the street. For a city that has often faced division and oppression, street art was a way for everyday people to speak out. In fact, Berlin just opened its first street art museum to educate locals and visitors about this particular kind of art.

Street art has become a credible form of expression, and Berlin has a thriving scene of international contributors. Many of the world’s top artists have contributed to the landscape, changing the ever-evolving face of Berlin.

And as fast as new pieces go up, old pieces are covered up, weathered beyond recognition, vandalized, or even removed by the artist (like BLU and JR’s legendary gold-bedecked figures showing “east side” and “west side” at Curvybrache). Whether they have put up small stickers, medium stencils, or massive murals, a tour of Berlin’s best street art reveals a the story of the city.

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