Street Art in Brussels: trail and artists

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Denis Meyers / Typography

A multifaceted urban artist, Denis Meyers describes himself as a typesetter. His work reflects the training he received at The Cambre National School of Visual Arts in Brussels, but also shows the influence of his grandfather, Lucien De Roeck who, among other accomplishments, created the official emblem and poster for the Universal Expo of 1958. It was with his grandfather that Meyers began to draw.

Inside the library, Denis Meyers created a work that alluded to book titles and famous quotes.

Parole / Calligraphy

Parole is a Brussels-based artist who, having originally worked with graffiti, has been developing his own script. This script is spontaneous and very gestural. The letters are twisted to the point where readability is lost.

The artist has interpreted the history of the “Battle of the Marolles” (when the residents of the Marolles declared war on property developers to safeguard their neighbourhood) by deforming letters to interfere with the reading.

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