Street Art in Brussels: trail and artists

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Graffiti or calligraphy, tags, stensils and stickers… Brussels’ street artists represent the voice of a constantly evolving capital city.

They exhibit their work in public spaces, in plain view of all those with a keen eye who can spot it.

Whether commissioned or spontaneous, monumental or more discreet, the artworks cover building walls, benches, lamp posts, shop fronts and facades, using the city itself as an exhibition space.

Follow this advice from non-profit organisation Urbana and you’ll be sure to see all the best examples of street art in Brussels.

Bonom / Street artist

Bonom (Vincent Glowinski) is without a doubt the most famous street artist in Brussels. In a few short years, he has become a virtual legend as quickly as his gigantic murals have appeared on the grey sides of buildings. As if by magic, the facades have gradually hosted an eclectic wildlife: a prehistoric animal running alongside a railway track, a fox sliding down the side of a building, a bison, a whale, an octopus and a giant spider defying the police…

Bonom has also decorated the walls of the Rotonde du Botanique: a colourful, instinctive and spontaneous forest that once more fills the greenhouses with flora. Le Botanique hosts numerous cultural events dedicated to contemporary creation and the festivals that are held at the venue, including the famous Nuits du Botanique, have established its reputation.

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