Street Art in Bodø and Salten

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“After School” by Rustam QBic

The Russian artist Rustam Qbic specializes in street art that seem larger than life. His paintings are saturated with lush adventure, colors and defined by a playful sense of the absurd. Emerging in both expected and unexpected places, his paintings adorn not only the walls of dilapidated buildings, but residential blocks.

There is an amazing sense of synthesis between Qbic’s art and its surroundings. His art recalls the various designs of house and home, nature, and man’s role. The juxtaposition of the familiar with the unexpected evokes a magical sense of whimsy.

“A kiss between cultures” by Animalito

Animalito or Graciela Gonçalves Da Silva that she actually called, is a self-taught illustrator and graphic designer from Buenos Aires University, where she has spent the last 10 years experimenting in various visual expressions. She started with cartoons, so to begin with animations, video games, toys and graphic design, where she uses different styles and techniques.

After spending too much time in the studio, she took the plunge into the streets and began to paint freely, which was a revolution, both personally and artistically. As a result of this journey, she developed is distinctive style that has gained international recognition.


Phlegm is a British Sheffield-based muralist and artist who first developed his illustrations in self-published comics:

The name “Phlegm” came from one of the four temperaments in ancient Greek medicine, blood, yellow bile, black bile and phlegm (Phlegm).

Phlegm its storybook-like images is half childlike, half threatening. Often the town setting for his long lanky half human, half woodland creatures. His work is exclusively in monochrome.

Each subscription is part of a big story that extends worldwide, in countries such as Norway, Canada, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, USA, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Slovakia, Spain and Australia


We encourage you to take a walk through the city streets. There are several artists, including SinnSykShit (Dronningensgate, alley by NOK gallery), dot dot dot, and Alte Østrem (Torghallen) who created gorgeous works.

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