15 Of The Nastiest Things Celebs Were Caught Doing

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A lot of these people have gone on (and currently have) very successful careers in film, music, sports, and in other celeb-status activities.

Celebrities seem to have divine rights, holding a spot as the throne of our media culture. Even politics and capitalism gets pushed to the side to make room for those fantastic celebrities tantalizing our eyes and gossip and shock. But are they as perfect as some news sources seem to think? Our answer: No way. And as proof of these cracks in their images of perfection, we have compiled a list of the biggest, nastiest blunders these gods and goddesses have made. These are the nasty truths celebs have tried to hide but were ultimately caught doing. And the shocking thing? A lot of these people have gone on (and currently have) very successful careers in film, music, sports, and in other celeb-status activities. Read on to hear about the nasty truths of your favorite people. Do not be surprised if some of your favorites are on this list! We are sure some of these though you have heard about.

15. Casey Affleck

Fresh off the Oscar award stage is Casey Affleck. While his abuses and harassments have been mentioned in brief footnotes in interviews before, it wasn’t until the last couple years that his actions have really been discovered and discussed. On his film entitled I’m Still Here, the women who were actively working on it came out with stories about unending physical advances, inappropriate name calling, and encouragement from Affleck to the crew members to have them expose themselves in front of the women. Not only that but as the women on set started to defend themselves and speak up against the harassment, Affleck would get more hostile and more degrading, eventually turning verbally abusive and unprofessional (for example, not upholding promises of their contracts). No matter what they did he got worse and worse until finally the project ended and the women sued him. He settled during mediation, though that doesn’t mean the actions themselves have settled. We think his treatment of his working equals was nasty, disgusting, and unacceptable. We hope he got help and no one is put in the same position again.

14. Mark Wahlberg

Racism is the name of his game, but it goes deeper than bad jokes and prejudice. Mark Wahlberg was horrifically violent as a young man and got caught many times over acting violently towards people of color. In his early teenage years, he not only threw rocks at a group of African-American school children but also yelled racial slurs at them as they were on a field trip. Just a year later, at 16, he got caught beating up 2 Vietnamese-American men as they were walking around. While these two men were separate instances, it was fueled by the same disgusting hate Wahlberg felt for all POC. He also was spewing racial slurs and violent threats at these men as he beat them, leaving them for dead and getting caught and arrested shortly after. Talk about a nasty person– We’re glad he served time, but we’re also upset that he held on to his fame.

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