How to Use Graffiti Art to Improve Your Street Photography

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Provides an interesting backdrop for portraits

Graffiti is typically made of colorful patterns, designs, lines, shapes, and more. Therefore, when you get tired of those dull sidewalks and roads, graffiti walls can also serve as a good background for shooting portraits of people.

Serves as a compelling subject in itself

Apart from just looking aesthetically pleasing, graffiti art is also filled with meaning—just like any other type of artwork. This makes it an interesting photography subject all on its own, even without adding a focal subject such as a person or an animal.

Gives your images a grungy look

Graffiti often lends a grungy “street” feel to your photos. Street photography is all about showing beautifully gritty scenes and subjects, and including graffiti artwork in your images allows you to do that with minimal effort.

Shows the personality or quirks of a neighborhood

Graffiti art is usually reflective of the personality of the neighborhood where it is located. Thus, including it in your photos can give your viewers a look into the culture of the place and what it may be like to be in that particular setting.

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