12 Celebrities Who Were Homeschooled

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You might not have known a ton of homeschooled kids growing up, since, well, they were being homeschooled while you and your friends were at school. There are different schools of thought (sorry, we just had to) on the subject. Some people think it can isolate kids and make it harder for them to socialize when they go to college or become more active in the outside world through work or whatever else. But for many people, it’s a super viable option and it makes sense for them. Here are 12 celebs who were homeschooled.

12. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt was homeschooled until high school, which was necessary since she was already acting as a child. Having a career makes it pretty tough to get to school on time with the rest of the kids. Jennifer started acting in commercials before landing her first big role on Kids Incorporated. When her family moved to L.A. she enrolled in high school, where one of her classmates grew up to be a talent scout who recommended her for Party of Five. Looks like that was a pretty good move.

11. Venus And Serena Williams

Venus and Serena Williams were both homeschooled from a young age. Serena stuck with that plan but at one point, Venus went back to school because she was super interested in fashion. Both of them seemed to make plenty of time for their tennis practice, however, since they became champs. Their parents actually coached them as well as homeschooled them. Venus is a a seven-time Grand Slam title winner in the singles category, and Serena is a twenty-one-time Grand Slam title winner.

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