15 Celebrities Who Became Homeless After Being Famous

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Hollywood and the celebrity life isn’t always a bed of rose. It can be ruthless especially for celebrities who fall prey to a fast-paced life and a desire of wanting more. Ultimately, the choice of poor lifestyles, overindulgence and bad luck with careers drive them down a lonely and narrow road of depression and addiction. Perhaps not all fall prey to booze and drugs but depression and lack of finance form failed careers are a harsh reality leading to poverty. Till now you have heard about celebrities who were homeless and became multi-millionaires but this is just the opposite. Here are 15 celebrities who became homeless instead.

1. Sly Stone

Sly Stone was a big name in music at one point of time as the lead of the funk band Sly Stone and the Family Stone that was legend in their time. Sly owned multiple houses including a vineyard in the Napa Valley. Today Sly Stone lives on the streets of LA and out of a van instead. Stone’s poor lifestyle mixed with addiction has led him to his present state where he says he prefers not living in a stationary home. He still likes writing music though.

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