Here Are 7 Unique Coffee Shops In St. Louis With Java To Die For

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There are people who like coffee… and then there are people who LOVE coffee. While a plain old cup-o-joe will do just fine for some, many of us like our coffee carefully crafted and served in a wonderfully unique cafe. Each of the places on this list overflow with personality and each one serves up some of the most incredible coffee in town. Check out these great java joints around St. Louis!

1. The Mud House

When you visit the Mud House, you will experience all the best that Cherokee Street is known for; quality crafted coffee, a warm inviting atmosphere, and just enough out of the ordinary to make this your new favorite coffee stop. They make an excellent cup of coffee here and are also known for their outstanding breakfast and lunch selection.

The Mud House is located at 2101 Cherokee St., St. Louis, MO 63118.

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