Graffiti and Street Art in Reykjavík

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Street art has many faces, but the two we will be focusing on here are tags and murals. A tag is a signifier of someone’s name or nickname, be it an individual or a gang of many.

Tags are most often produced in a bubble-like form of lettering that throughout the years has reached its own peaks of aestheticism. Tags are generally considered vandalism, and taggers are known to alter their specifics to throw the police off the track.

Murals, however, are more colourful and complex, they are often commissioned, and are generally believed to beautify the community. What unites these two poles in a single spectrum, is that their canvas is the city itself and its public spaces.

People are used to art being confined and controlled in conventional settings such as museums or galleries. But in the case of street art, it is the art that approaches the viewer, instead of the other way around.

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