15 Celebs Who Are The Most Fake In The Rear View

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Of course, Hollywood stars are obsessed with their image and are always keeping up with the latest fads so they always look their best.

Everyone knows that celebrities are notorious for getting ample amounts of “enhancements” and for setting unrealistic standards about what beauty is. Of course, Hollywood stars are obsessed with their image and are always keeping up with the latest fads so they always look their best. Appearing young, fit and physically desirable is a major part of being a celeb and they feel an intense pressure to look perfect 24/7. These days, having a massive booty is all the rage and “fake” bums have become almost as common as getting larger breasts. Many celebrities want instant gratification and seek the help of a cosmetic surgeon to improve their aesthetic, but they might not always get what they bargained for. While some public figures re-emerge looking like a million bucks, others are left with botched backsides. We all dream of having unstoppable curves and a bountiful behind, but these stars took it too far for their own good. We’re totally on to their games, and we know that their rumps super phony. Here are 15 Celebs Who Are The Most Fake In The Rear View

15. Nicki Minaj: Too Fake To Function

What can we say about Nicki Minaj? As far as her music career goes, she’s on top of her game, but her plastic surgery is anything but first-rate. Nicki exploded onto the scene with the release of her Pink Friday album in 2010. While the rapper gained momentum for her talent, it was difficult to overlook her unmistakable surgical enhancements. Of course, the outspoken star is partially known for her outlandish looks but her backside is seriously out of this world… and not in a good way. It seems like Minaj’s booty has only gotten bigger over time and at this point we can’t deny that it’s super synthetic in every possible way. Take it from us- one quick Google search for “before” photos of the star will confirm everyone’s suspicions about Nicki’s excessively large rear. Her bum is so fake that many people have even accused the singer of getting butt implants (opposed to the more popular Brazilian Butt Lift procedure). It’s hard to deny that Nicki’s assets are anything but ordinary, and her buns look so counterfeit that it’s actually making us uncomfortable.

14. Khloe Kardashian: From Average To Obscene

Of course, almost all of the Kardashians have gone through dramatic transformations over the years, but none of them come close to the complete metamorphosis of Khloe Kardashian. Being related to Kim and Kourtney is undoubtedly no easy task, and in the early days of their fame Khloe was often referred to as the “ugly” or even the “fat” sister. As expected, the harsh criticism Khloe faced on a daily basis took a toll and she decided to take matters into her own hands. Sure, the reality star hit the gym hard and got a ton of work done on her face, but it’s hard to miss one part of Khloe’s new figure: her big booty. It’s almost as if the Kardashians are in a secret competition to see who can get the biggest (and fakest) backside. Let’s not kid ourselves here, Khloe would win that battle by a landslide. We’ve all seen Khloe slim-down thanks to her newfound dedication to fitness, but trust us, there aren’t enough squats in the world to create a booty quite like that. The star’s butt is an undeniable eyesore and it sticks out like a sore thumb no matter what she’s wearing. There’s no doubt that her cakes are super fake… just like everything else about the Kardashians.

13. Iggy Azalea: Obsessed With Alterations

Iggy Azalea has been faced with accusations that her butt is anything but the real deal since she made her debut on the music scene. The Australian-born rapper’s rear end has caused a lot of commotion over the years, especially when paparazzi photos of the star on the beach surfaced earlier this year. The photos didn’t exactly show Iggy’s bountiful booty in the best light, and the oversized obstacle looked anything but endearing. Iggy’s behind looks inappropriately disproportionate to the rest of her body and it just appears to be too much for her small frame. While the star has admitted to having other cosmetic enhancements such as a nose job and breast implants, she’s quick to shut down any talk about her incredibly fake posterior. It’s not too difficult to find photos of the “Booty” hitmaker before she became famous, and her rump was anything but plump back then. These days, Iggy’s assets are so amplified that one thing has become abundantly clear: her butt is one of the fakest things in Hollywood.

12. Kim Kardashian: The Queen Of Counterfeit

When it comes to ridiculously fake behinds, Kim Kardashian reigns supreme. The reality star essentially made an entire career for herself based around her astronomically-sized booty, and she’s super notorious for her synthetically plump rump that has become her trademark feature. Of course, Kim denies up and down that her bum is fake but everyone knows the truth. Surprisingly, the fakest thing about Kim K. isn’t her backside because arguably everything about her is a total sham. From head to toe, Kim is one of the fakest celebrities on the planet, but her super-sized posterior is what really keeps her quest for fame afloat. Without her big booty, would Kim really be the A-list star she is today? Probably not. The size and shape of Kim’s cakes has changed drastically over the years, and these days it’s so big that it could probably register for it’s own zip code. Kim’s butt may be fake AF, but she paved the way for the big booty trend to blow up full force. Yup, we can all thank Kim and the Kardashian clan for the amped-up tushy trend, so every time you see an obnoxiously fake derriere be sure to think of her.

11. Blac Chyna: Dangerous Curves Ahead

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that Blac Chyna has one seriously fake backside. If you’re wondering what could have possibly given us that idea, just take one look at her and you’ll see that her behind is as artificial as they come. Much like the Kardashians, Blac Chyna’s behind has significantly fluctuated in sized over the years. Her booty was by far bigger than ever when she had first linked up with Rob Kardashian, and since then it seems to have developed a mind of its own. Of course, Chyna has had ample amounts of cosmetic procedures done to her body – and a butt-job is definitely one of them. Although it would be taboo for Chyna to confirm that her rump is real fake, her ex publicly admitted it for her. Rob recently shared photos on Instagram of Blac Chyna getting ready for her post-baby body surgeries while claiming that he was the one who footed the bill. Kardashian even took it to another level when he alleged that Chyna had recently downsized her juicy double because it was too big. What can we say? Everyone knows that Blac Chyna is a total fraud, and her backside is just as fake as she is.

10. Kylie Jenner: Kim’s Klone

It’s safe to say that Kylie Jenner has probably paid a high-end plastic surgeon to add a little more junk to her trunk. The teenage star has been following in Kim’s footsteps for a few years now, and she’s definitely well on her way to becoming her big sister’s clone in more ways than one. Aside from giving Kim a run for her money when it comes to social media followers and overall popularity, Kylie appears to be giving Kim’s infamously over-inflated derriere some serious competition. Of course, an affinity for plastic surgery runs in the family and Kylie’s newly plumped-up body parts are anything but shocking. At only 19, Jenner looks like she’s more plastic than a Barbie doll. While the star has openly admitted to getting collagen injections in her lips, it has become increasingly obvious that Kylie has upped her cup size in addition to adding some serious volume to her booty. Fans have totally noticed Kylie’s drastic appearance change recently, and her image overhaul definitely isn’t thanks to puberty or good old genetics. She can deny it all she wants but let’s just call her “Miss New Booty.”

9. Taylor Swift: Butt Padding Or Bad Booty Enhancement?

Taylor Swift isn’t exactly the first person that comes to mind when you think of plastic surgery obsessed celebs, but the singer did sport a noticeably bigger bum at the iHeartRadio awards last year. This definitely raised some eyebrows. Taylor is known for her lean, super slender frame, but when she arrived at the red carpet everyone couldn’t take their eyes off of her plumped-up rump. The star donned a skin-tight black jumpsuit that hugged all of her curves… including her new lovely lady lumps. If you look at pretty much any picture of Taylor prior to that event compared to how she looked on that day, the difference in the size of her booty is clearly prevalent. Some fans speculated that Swift was rocking a pair of butt pads underneath her one-piece getup, while others had accused the crooner of getting implants to increase the size of her backside. Either way, we’re pretty sure that Taylor’s tail-end is anything but natural these days.

8. Amber Rose: Colossal Cakes

Amber Rose has always has a pretty fine behind, but there’s no disputing the fact that it has gotten bigger over the years. The star is never shy about showing off her curvy figure, and we’ve seen a whole lot of Amber over the years. It’s clear to see that when Amber was with Kanye West, her body was at its peak. After their split, we think she went a little too far with the plastic surgery and the end result was a backside that is truly larger than life. In Hollywood, it can be said that butt jobs are totally the new boob jobs, and there’s no way that Amber Rose isn’t one of the many celebrities who has gotten in on this new fad. When Rose appeared on Dancing With The Stars last season, her bountiful booty often caused problems for her during her dance routines because it was so large that it would become a bit of an obstacle. We’ll come right out and say it: we’re totally sure that Amber’s bum was manufactured in a plastic surgeon’s office.

7. Farrah Abraham: Notoriously Phony

If there’s anyone who’s forthcoming about their obsession with getting a nip here and a tuck there, it’s definitely Farrah Abraham. The Teen Mom OG star has documented her numerous plastic surgeries on both reality television and in the press. She has come clean about getting multiple breast augmentations, nose jobs, lip fillers and even a chin implant, but she has never publicly confirmed her obvious booty enhancement. Farrah has said that she was interested in getting a Brazilian Butt Lift, and she even appeared on an episode of The Doctors to consult with a plastic surgeon about the procedure back in 2016. It does seem a bit strange that Abraham would try to let her butt lift fly under the radar, but it’s super apparent that her bottom is bigger than ever. Before these surgical enhancements, Farrah’s figure was flat as a board from every angle. These days, the reality star is flaunting more curves than a race track. We’re beyond positive that just like every other part of Farrah Abraham, her caboose is totally phony.

6. Kim Zolciak: Nothing Real About Her

While she’s definitely entertaining and makes some seriously riveting reality TV, longtime fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Don’t Be Tardy must have asked themselves the question, “Is there really anything real about Kim Zolciak?” at least once. Let’s be real, this is a woman who admits to owning a collection of bleach blonde wigs that she wears on a regular basis and someone who has openly dated married men for the sake of being a straight-up gold-digger. Kim has lied, manipulated, and deflected about pretty much everything anyone has ever asked her about over the course of her stint on reality television, so it’s no surprise that the majority of her body is about as fake as the rest of her is. Kim has been pretty upfront about getting certain procedures such as breast augmentations and even a tummy-tuck following the birth of her twins, but when it comes to owning up to anything else Kim’s plumped-up lips are totally sealed. The star vehemently denies having any other work done to her physique despite looking completely different than she did only a few years prior. Eagle-eyed fans were quick to take note that Kim’s heinie is looking rounder and perkier than ever. It appears that Zolciak has taken a sip from the fountain of youth…of just found herself a really good plastic surgeon. Either way, only a fool would believe that anything on Kim’s body is the real deal.

5. Aubrey O’Day: From Average To Amplified

Super savvy fans of Danity Kane will definitely remember Aubrey O’Day from her early days on MTV’s Making The Band where she competed for a coveted spot in an all-girl group managed by P. Diddy. Of course, longtime followers of Aubrey are likely to recall that way back then she looked a whole lot different. Since becoming the breakout star of the now-defunct band, Aubrey has clearly gotten sucked into the vain and vapid ways of Hollywood and has gotten some serious work done. O’Day’s entire appearance has transformed from the likable girl-next-door type to the over-the-top voluptuous vixen that your mother always warned you about. There’s just no denying that Aubrey has her plastic surgeon on speed-dial, but one of her more noticeable alterations is her new huge behind. Aubrey always had a naturally cute figure, but she went way overboard this time with all of the fat she got injected into her rear. Let’s be honest, Aubrey looks like she has more cakes than a bakery, and it’s incredibly obvious that her curves ere courteous of a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. There’s no doubt that this obvious case of someone who’s backside if even faker than they are.

4. Coco Austin: The Original Apple Bottom

If there’s any celebrity who could equipped with a warning label that says “dangerous curves ahead,” it’s got to be none other than Coco Austin. The star gained notoriety after becoming the wife of Ice-T, and she ultimately became a celeb in her own right due to her body that just won’t quit. Let’s face it, Coco has got a body like a back road and she’s never shy about showing it off every chance she gets. Because her figure is so ample, it does make you wonder whether or not she was gifted with good genetics or if she’s just another famous face who’s guilty of getting fake parts from her local plastic surgeon. Upon seeing before and after photos of Coco prior to linking up with her hubby, it’s super obvious that her buns weren’t exactly home-made, if you catch our drift. Clearly, Coco has had other work done on her body but it’s her enormous posterior that gets all of the attention. Although Coco swears that her booty is the real deal, we’re completely convinced that she’s not telling the whole truth.

3. Jenna Jameson: Bogus Buns

Jenna Jameson skyrocketed to fame as one of the most recognizable adult film stars in the world, and over time she was able to parlay that success into a full-fledged Hollywood career. Let’s face it: everyone knows who Jenna is because she transformed herself into an overnight celebrity, and she’s still in the spotlight all these years later. Of course, getting copious amounts of plastic surgery is a super common trend for adult entertainers, but she left that industry a long time ago. While she has talked openly about her wide range of surgical enhancements, Jenna turned heads in 2015 when her hindquarters looked larger than life. The star appeared on the UK edition of Celebrity Big Brother where her housemates inquired about all the trunk she had in her trunk. Jenna fessed up about her booty being fake AF and we give her credit for her honesty. Regardless of whether she admitted to having butt surgery or not, anyone with eyes could see that her bum was too unrealistic looking to be anything but plastic.

2. Kail Lowry: Announced Her Surgery To The World

It seems like getting plastic surgery has become a hot trend among the stars of Teen Mom, and Kail Lowry is certainly on board the mommy makeover bandwagon. Last year, the reality star joined forces with a surgeon who calls himself “Dr. Miami” to get a total body overhaul. Kail’s doctor gave her a significant discount on the overall cost of her procedures. Of course, everything comes with a catch, and Kail’s entire surgery was broadcast live via Snapchat. The mom of two (soon to be three) got a breast lift, a tummy tuck, and naturally, a Brazilian Butt Lift. Graphic images of what went down in the operating room were plastered all over the internet, including some gross before and after photos of the very bruised reality star’s post-op figure. Since Lowry received her plastic surgery for a deal if she went public with the whole process, she couldn’t be discreet about getting her booty worked on. Anyone who has seen Kail’s social media accounts will quickly be able to spot the difference in her backside these days, but she can’t claim that her new physique is the result of hours of hard work at the gym.

1. Renee Graziano: Plastic Surgery Gone Awry

Renee Graziano became a reality TV staple when she starred on the hit show Mob Wives. The loud-mouthed diva was known for getting into fights and having mafia ties but her storyline soon shifted to obsession with giving her body a reboot following her divorce from her ex-husband. To her credit, Renee has been brutally honest about all of her plastic surgeries. She’s even documented her quest for the perfect posterior when she visited a plastic surgeon to reshape her formally flat butt. Renee was filmed getting liposuction on various parts of her body so the fat could be harvested and injected into her derriere. The doctor then used the excess fat to sculpt the star’s rear and give it more oomph… but we think Renee may have gone a little overboard. Although her back-end is definitely more luscious than it ever was, it looks totally fake from every angle. She clearly wasn’t going for the “natural” look and she ended up looking super synthetic and cheap. We think she should have just done some booty-lifting workouts instead of going under the knife, but if a fake butt is what she wanted then she definitely got her wish.

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