15 Celebs Moms Who Pretended To Be Rich (But Are Actually Poorer Than Us)

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Money changes everything. Money can open doors to all sorts of opportunities and can make life more convenient. In contrast, money can also be a burden. One minute you have it, the next minute, you are struggling to find it. Almost everyone has their fair share of money problems in their lives. Even celebrities are not immune to the financial malaise. One look at tabloids and you realize that they can be broke too, just like the lot of us. But for them, going broke happens on a much larger scale.

There is a lot to learn from celebrities’ experiences with money. As young adults and children idolize these actors within their privileged protected bubbles, it is important to be reminded that they lead more complicated lives and that they have to spend more on a daily basis. As they go around with a posse of assistants and staff, money can zip through their fingers without them noticing it. All the smoke and mirrors involving actors and actresses can be deceiving. A few of them have gone through heartbreaking stories of bankruptcy and some even are as broke (or worse) than you and I. Here are stories of fifteen celebrity moms who pretend to be rich, but are actually poorer than us.


Ever the bombshell, Pamela Anderson captured hearts all over the globe with her bleach-blonde waves and red swimsuit on the hit TV series Baywatch. She was hailed as the ultimate sex symbol, earning her a spot as one of Playboy’s most sought-after Playmates. Men loved her, women loved to hate her. One thing was for sure: her face and body was everywhere.

Despite all her fame in the 1990s, Anderson only has a net worth of a startling 5 million USD. She is notorious for not paying off her debt which totals in the millions. Her lavish lifestyle and divorce-related expenses caused her to plummet into debt, owing to the IRS more than 2 million dollars. This also earned her a spot on the Top 500 Delinquent Taxpayers List. Quite a price to pay for being a pop culture icon.


Janice Dickinson has been a modelling legend for the longest time. She has graced numerous runways, modelled for the largest brands, and even appeared on America’s Next Top Model as a judge. She has even opened her own modelling agency. Her career achievements make it a huge surprise that she would file for bankruptcy. But in 2013 she did just that, due to a debt worth about a million dollars.

At least she was honest about her debts. She later confirmed this, releasing a statement she was “upset,” and that she was “taking every step to pay everyone back.” By the luck of her stars, Dickinson has recently married a certain Dr. Robert “Rocky” Gerner. The good doctor reportedly took her out on his yacht to the seas of Cannes and Monaco, where they spent their three-week-long honeymoon. Let’s hope she gets her finances figured out soon.

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