11 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Have Autism

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Autism is a condition marked by symptoms such as difficulties with socialization, an interest in repetitive behaviors, and a delay in language abilities. It’s estimated that 1 in 68 people fall somewhere on the autism spectrum, including some celebrities you may not have realized. We take a look at 11 famous people diagnosed with or believed to be living with autism.

1. Albert Einstein

While Albert Einstein was never officially diagnosed with autism, many researchers believe that, were he alive today, he would fall on the spectrum. Reasons for this hypothesis include his extreme intelligence, poor performance in school, and difficulties with language early in his life.

2. Courtney Love

As a child, Courtney Love was diagnosed with a mild form of autism. Despite this, she has still gone on to achieve considerable success. However, some people believe that the condition may be responsible for her erratic behavior in the past.

3. Tim Burton

Tim Burton’s “autism” is controversial, as it is self-diagnosed—he has never been examined by a medical professional qualified to make that call. Burton claims to identify with some of the common symptoms of the condition, including extreme intelligence, poor social skills, and intense interests.

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