15 Celebrities You Forgot Were On Dancing With The Stars

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Dancing with the Stars began all the way back in 2005 and has now been around for an incredible 23 seasons! Each season of the American dance competition series features different celebrities who are paired with a professional dancer. They duos all compete against each other for points, with eliminations each week until only one champion pair remains. The newest season is set to premiere on September 18, so in anticipation of season 25, here’s a look at 15 celebrities you might have forgotten once appeared on DWTS!

15. Lil’ Kim


Kimberly Denise Jones, better known by her stage name Lil’ Kim, appeared on Dancing with the Stars in 2009 for season 8. If it wasn’t so long ago that she appeared on the show, many wouldn’t have forgotten her because she brought so much flare to the season, from her amazing dancing to her risky fashion, hair and music choices. She scored consistently high marks all season, but was eliminated in week eight, putting her in fifth place overall.

14. Harry Hamlin

The Mad Men actor decided to give Dancing with the Stars a shot early on in the series history, back in 2006. We have to give him credit — no one thought Harry could win it more than Harry himself. Even though he was paired with Ashly DelGrosso and exuded confidence, he wasn’t very good and was the third person eliminated in season 3. This didn’t scare his wife Lisa Rinna off as she joined the show only a year later!

13. Mark Cuban

The Shark Tank investor and well known businessman stepped out of his comfort zone when he joined season two of Dancing with the Starsback in 2006. He was paired up with professional dancer, Kym Johnson, but not even Johnson could help Cuban. Safe to say, he didn’t do so great. They were the fifth couple eliminated from the show, so we’re guessing he won’t be investing in a dance career anytime soon.

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