11 Celebrities Who Were Esc0rts Before Becoming Famous

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The trip from the bottom of the chain to the absolute top is a highly difficult journey and is riddled with various difficulties that you have to overcome to become successful in life. You might be at a peak at times, while at trenches in the others. There are only a handful of people who have risen to the top of celebrity status swiftly; for others, it has been a long and tiring journey. You will be surprised to know that some of these celebrities were even esc0rts before they became stars. Let’s take a look at the top 10 stars who were esc0rts before they got in the limelight.

1. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, whose original name was Norma Jean Mortenson, is often considered as the first and original blonde bombshell. She was extremely popular as an actor and $ex symbol throughout the world. She was also a singer. The Blue Book Modelling Agency offered her a modelling job when she was only 20. From modelling, Monroe gradually transitioned to acting. However, she did pose nude for Tom Kelly, a photographer in 1949, and that too at the low price of just $50.

Gradually she was noticed by a few directors and producers, and there were rumours that Monroe used to hang out with these influential men sometimes for even $500 per day. There have been various biographies written about her which state that she said that she used to go on dates to have a good dinner or maybe receive money to pay her rent.

2. Brad Pitt

Currently, Brad Pitt is one of the biggest superstars in Hollywood, but when he first joined this industry, he only had a few hundred bucks with him. He did have the talent and looked to become a good actor. However, he got the first role when he was late to an interview with the gay soap star, Thom Racina. He used to work for him and run his errands, and do other house cleaning stuff for a room. That was his first job in this industry.

3. Al Pacino

Al Pacino is considered to be one of the best actors of his time and his movies the GodFather, Scarface, have earned him a lot of reputation. But before he got his first job in Hollywood, he was quite poor.

Pacino didn’t have a house earlier and often couldn’t enjoy a good meal. He even reported in an interview that his only asset at the age of 20 was his body. In exchange of $ex, he used to receive a room to live and food from an older woman. After he came to the USA, he gradually transitioned to becoming one of the greatest actors of all times.

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