‘Brandalism’: Is Melbourne’s street art being taken over by corporations?

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“Now it is just a competition of who has the prettiest pictures.”

Around Melbourne, the biggest and prettiest pictures are giant street art-style murals, funded by corporations and often promoting shoes, drinks, medicines and movies.

Danish Chan is the national planning director of whiteGREY, an advertising firm with clients such as Volvo, Bakers Delight and Victoria Racing Club.

He said street artists get hired for a range of product campaigns.

“The amazing thing about street art is that it speaks to pop culture,” he said from the company’s Melbourne office.

“It is the kind of work people want to watch and see and spend time with, instead of the ugly, yelling at you advertising.”

Mr Chan said he understands why artists can feel torn about what is happening, but overall the two sides can work together.

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