‘Brandalism’: Is Melbourne’s street art being taken over by corporations?

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It is not art anymore. It’s become what I call ‘Brandalism’,” said artist Adrian Doyle.

Street art, which traces its roots to New York in the 1970s, is often a form of protest or social commentary.

When it came to Melbourne, it was also a way for young people to rebel against commercialisation, capitalism and governments.

Works by locals such as Rone, Ha-Ha and Meek are displayed next to artists like Banksy and Blek le Rat who are known for their biting social commentary.

Doyle grew up in Frankston and has had his work displayed nationally and internationally, but said today’s street art has lost its sting to corporations entering the scene.

“When I was a little punk, as street art started, it was very political,” he said.

“9/11 had just happened, so [George W] Bush was everywhere, Osama [bin Laden] was everywhere.

“What happened to that content? That content has disappeared.

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