Beyonce Wishes You Would Forget These Embarrassing Moments

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It must be tough being Beyonce who has become a famous household name. But shame, she worked hard to get there. Even still she has made some mistakes and even done some things that are considered immoral. And even still, she now has a backlog of things she wishes the world would forget ever happened. Consequences right?

1. Copied Outfits

Serbian Popstar Jelena Karleusa was furious at Beyonce for taking credit for outfits that she had worn during her shows long before Beyonce did. She accuses her of copying her and even took these photos side by side and dated them as a show of proof. Along with that, Jennifer Lopez as also spoken up about her outfits being stolen by Beyonce. There are so many design similarities these days regarding outfits. Some stars go a little bit all out to stand out more than the others, but if one star gets famous for a particular outfit, such as Beyonce, of course, she is just going to take all the credit.

2. Credit for Songs

Most singers sing a lot of songs that were not even written by them, that is nothing new. But why lie and take all the credit for writing songs you didn’t write? Beyonce has a lot of talents. Unfortunately one of them is to take credit for everything she does that wasn’t her.

3. Faking a Pregnancy

This is one claim that would sound like the greatest scandal to ever hit the earth. If you look at the picture below, you will notice her sitting down and making it look like her pregnant belly is a pillow and folds as she bends down. This is driving conspiracy theorists mad, considering that they believe she faked the pregnancy with Blue Ivy and that she probably had a surrogate mother for her baby. And above all, none of this has ever been denied.

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