15 Most Iconic Celebrity Hairstyles of All Time

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Celebrities are undeniable trendsetters—for better or worse. From beehives to braids, these celebrity hairstyles are every bit as iconic as their wearers themselves. So read on, and remember to tell your stylist if you’re opting for “the Rachel” or “the James Dean” during your next hair appointment.

1. Amy Winehouse

Much like her music, Amy Winehouse’s hairstyle took a retro classic and put a modern spin on it. Her messy beehive is a far cry from the well-shellacked look girls were wearing to formals in the ’60s.

2. James Dean

James Dean was the epitome of cool, so much so that, despite only starring in three films, he remains instantly recognizable, thanks in no small part to his classic hairstyle.

3. Marilyn Monroe

You can probably picture Marilyn Monroe’s iconic mane without even looking at a photograph. Today, her bleached and curled look is still nearly as famous as her films.

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