9 Celebrities Exploited By Their Parents

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Known for her eye-popping outfits, Stodden had, apparently, been dressing provocatively since she was 12. What started with a pair of heels soon snowballed into much racier outfits. Being a supportive mum (and manager), Krista Stodden allowed her dress exactly how she wanted to.

Krista claimed Courtney’s hyper-sexual outfits didn’t bother her because she felt she needed to ‘express herself.’ At 12? Most people didn’t buy her explanation; she seemed to encourage such behavior to ‘jumpstart’ her career.

At 16, Krista allowed her daughter to marry 51 year old actor, Doug Hutchison. Hutchison and Courtney had met five weeks before, via an online acting class he was teaching. Krista said she approved of their union but a few years later, when Courtney relived her of her duties as manager, she changed her tune. A bitter Krista gave interviews where she expressed regret about allowing her daughter get married at a young age. Courtney fired back saying “My mom’s desire to be famous interfered with her ability to manage me effectively.”



Starring as the evil Blair Waldorf isn’t all Meester is ‘infamous’ for; at the time of her birth, her mother was in prison for her involvement in smuggling marijuana. She gave birth to Meester at a halfway house, nurtured her for three months and had to go back in the slammer.

The young Meester went on to model for Ralph Lauren, shot ads for Tamagotchi and Clearasil, all before age 12. By the time she was 19, she had appeared in Law & Order, Crossing Jordan, 7th Heaven, Veronica Mars, 24, and Entourage. Meester seemed to be successful at all her ventures, whether it was singing or endorsements.

But in 2011, she filed a lawsuit against her mother (also her ex-manager) over the care her brother was receiving. Meester claimed she had been sending money to support him, but her mother was diverting it to pay for cosmetic procedures.

Her mother counter-sued for an alleged breach of contract and physical abuse. Her suit also claims she’s entitled to a larger monthly payment in return for “sacrificing her own happiness for Meester’s success.” Meester won the ugly legal battle when the presiding judge rejected all her mother’s claims.

Before landing her part on Modern Family, Ariel Winter had been hard at her craft since she was 6. Whether it was behind the scenes as a voice-over artist or bit parts on ER and Bones, Winter was always at work. By the time she landed the role of Alex Dunphy, she reportedly started earning $75,000 per week.

Getting paid handsomely to do what you love must be nice. In 2012, the teen accused her mother, Workman of physical and emotional abuse. The alleged abuse included hitting, slapping, insults about her weight etc. Workman was temporarily stripped of her guardianship and the teen actress moved out of the family home. Winter moved in with her older sister, Shanelle Gray. Gray had accused Workman of the same offenses 20 years ago, and had since been removed by DCFS.

In her defense, Workman claims the teen star is upset because she forced to break off a relationship with an 18 year old actor. In the trial that followed, Workman produced evidence designed to cast doubt on whether Gray is fit to be the guardian of a teenager.

In May, all the drama ended when Winter was granted legal emancipation from her mother.

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