9 Celebrities Exploited By Their Parents

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With her pitch-perfect singing voice, LeAnn Rimes won talent shows, appeared on Star Search and sang the national anthem at football games, all before her teen years. By the time she was 13, she had her first hit with the song, Blue, and the awards soon came rolling in. At 14, Rimes picked up at five Billboard Music Awards and two Grammys and her song was named Song of the Year by the Academy of Country Music.

Everything seemed rosy for the teen superstar, but in 2000, Rimes filed a lawsuit against her father, Wilbur C. Rimes, and her former manager, Lyle Walker for cheating her of $7 million over five years. The suit alleged that Rimes Senior helped himself to more than his agreed salary. The case dragged on for two years before both parties being settled out of court.


Dina Lohan is accused of allowing sexualization of her daughters from a young age. When the former child model landed the role on Mean Girls, her career seemed on track for success. But she had also become a paparazzi magnet, often photographed intoxicated in clubs. At this point, you’d expect her management a.k.a momager Dina, to intervene. But instead, Dina was caught by cameras many times, drinking and partying with Lindsay!

Over time, LiLo slipped into drug addiction, stints in rehab, house arrest and more. Through all this, Dina appeared to be the enabling force behind LiLo’s downward spiral. Dina who was more interested in being in the limelight, refused to take any blame. She insisted that all of Lindsay’s problems are as a result of personal choices.

She landed a reality show, Living Lohan, in 2008. The show chronicled the attempts of her second daughter, Alli to make it in showbiz, with Dina managing her, of course.


Miley Cyrus’ “metamorphosis” surprised and outraged many parents; they saw it as a young girl growing up too fast. Her parents and managers, Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus, took a lot of flak for the career decisions she made. In 2008, when she was 15, she appeared topless on the cover of Vanity Fair. Parents reacted with outrage, and the child star was forced to apologize for the racy pictures.

In 2010, there were reports that Miley’s younger sister, Noah, was going to promote a line of clothing from Ooh! La La Couture. Targeted at young girls (Noah was 10 at the time), the line included French maid outfits, fish net stockings, lace tights and bondage boots. Not exactly what you would expect pre-teen girls to wear, right? Once again, Tish & Billy Ray were blamed for allowing their younger daughter to be exploited for profit.

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