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​K​nown for their high quality roasts and attention to detail, Terarosa is a local favorite. Although they started in ​the coastal city of ​Gangneung just a decade and a half ago, they now boast ​over a dozen locations throughout Korea. ​My first visit to a Terarosa was at their original Gangneung location, and I’ve remained impressed ever since. ​With a slowly rotating selection of single-origin and espresso-based drinks, this is the spot to sit & chat in.​​ ​The “authentic americano” is said to be their best seller. ​Be sure to read the flavor n​o​tes before choosing your brew, and pick up a bag of freshly-roasted coffee ​beans ​​to take home.​

Coco Bruni

Speaking of beans, Coco Bruni is another popular chain cafe in Korea, and with good reason. ​However, most of t​he beans they deal in are cacao beans, the almond-shaped seeds ground up to make chocolate. Just like in neighboring Japan, the craft chocolate scene in Korea is growing quickly and worth a taste. Although Coco Bruni doesn’t make their own chocolate, they source fine ​French chocolate and offer one of the widest drink menus in Seoul. They’re known for their tea af​f​ogatos and single-origin coffees, as well as the hot chocolate flight ​(my recommend​ation)​.​ What kind of chocolate blogger would I be if I didn’t steer you towards a box of their signature bonbons, as well?​ Bring a friend and pack a plate with truffles, macarons, and a slice of cake, and you can send my​ piece ​in the post.

Caffe Themselves

A​nother wordy coffee menu and well-known stomping ground of Seoul’s ​m​illenials, Caffe Themselves offers three levels of seating that are often filled. Get there early or arrive after dinner to sip a single-origin espresso or cold brew, and partake of a piece of cake. The shop is a favorite for its house-roasted beans and friendly service. They’re often so full that they offer a ₩2000 discount on to-go coffees, making it quite a deal for th​is​ tourist-heavy district​.

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