8 celebrities that were murdered by a fan

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As unbelievable as it sounds an obsessive culture of celebrity worship has resulted in deaths of several promising celebrities by their own die-hard fans. Leading psychologist John D Moore tries to analyze this case of mental abnormality and says,

They are stalking the celebrities because they feel a personal connection with the star and that the star has a connection with them…They escalate their attention-seeking behaviors..and then it can turn into something violent.”

The first case of a celebrity who died in the hands of his own hands happened as early as in 1841, resulting in tight security around current popular stars leaving them little or no personal space. Let’s have a look at how and what caused these fanatical murders.

1. John Lennon

Perhaps the single most globally-renowned and admired singer-songwriter of his time, Lennon faced an unpredicted and unfortunate death at the hands of jealous and yet ardent fan. On December 9, 1980, Mark David Chapman shot Lennon dead in the Archway of Dakota, a couple of feet away from his residence in New York City.

Chapman’s reason for killing Lennon is still a mystery – because he didn’t seem to have the more usual reasons the other celeb murderers had: He wasn’t obsessed with Lennon or his wife, Yoko Ono, nor was he hurt or enraged by Lennon’s beliefs.

He was simply jealous of Lennon’s fame and committed the murder attaining life-long infamy. We know this because Chapman confessed to the board during his ninth parole, as quoted by the Telegraph, that he had “a true sociopathic mind”, and wanted to “shoot [Lennon] so that [Chapman] could be somebody.”

2. Rebecca Schaeffer

The 21-year-old star of the show My Sister Sam, Rebecca Schaeffer, was shot by an obsessed fan who followed her to her Hollywood home. Rober John Bardo, Schaeffer’s murderer chose the 18th of July, 1989 to end the life of the young up-and-coming actress. The Los Angeles Times reports that Bardo stalked Schaeffer for three years, sent her letters and tried to meet her on set. Before committing the heinous crime, Bardo paid his crush a final visit by violently trapping her when she answered the door. Schaeffer’s death, resulted in the passing of legislation to prohibit DMV employees from disclosing addresses.

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