7 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Drink Coffee Every Day

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It might help you become a better athlete

Coffee-loving athletes: you’re in luck. As it turns out, athletes benefit from both mental and physical properties derived from coffee. According to Witherspoon, “The all-natural caffeine in coffee has been associated with improved physical performance, especially in aerobic or endurance exercise. The amount of caffeine recommended for performance improvement is 2-6 milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of body weight (1kg = 2.2lbs). That’s about 1 to 4 (8 oz.) cups of regular brewed coffee for someone weighing 150 pounds.” Ultimately, caffeine may heighten performance during both prolonged and short-term workouts. Caffeine also reacts with receptors in the brain to “turn off” the part that recognizes adenosine, the chemical that causes a tired sensation. In that sense, there is a decrease in feelings of fatigue as well as pain. Caffeine’s ability to increase concentration and alertness also aides in a successful workout.

It might negatively affect your daily routine if consumed in excess

Now for the downsides. First, if an excess of coffee is consumed, some individuals may experience negative side effects, such as anxiety, panic, restless sleep, insomnia, and caffeine dependence (learn more about how cutting caffeine helped reduce one woman’s anxiety). According to the American Heart Association, “Caffeine-habituated individuals can experience ‘caffeine withdrawal’ 12–24 hours after the last dose of caffeine. It resolves within 24–48 hours. The most prominent symptom is headache.” As with overdoing anything, fatality is also a possibility. Studies also show that a lethal dose of caffeine consumed within one day is 100 (8 oz) cups; this may vary from person to person due to it being metabolized differently for everybody.

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