6 Recycling Methods To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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4. Rubber items

Many components of a tire are ecologically problematic. Tires are highly durable and non-biodegradable; taking up a substantial amount of space in the landfills. Tire pyrolysis is a method in which the waste tire (whole or shredded) is heated in a reactor vessel, in an oxygen-free atmosphere. The rubber polymers break down into smaller molecules, which eventually vaporise and exit the reactor. These molecules are either burned directly to produce power or condensed to form an oily liquid, which is later used as fuel.

Repurpose old tires as swings, innovative seating or as part of your training equipment.

5. Textiles

The fabric used in clothing usually consists of cotton and synthetic plastics. Its composition directly affects the method of recycling to be used. Fibre mills grade the fabric into material and type. It is also sorted into colours which means no re-dying is required. The fabric is shredded into shoddy fibres and mixed with other fibres, depending on the intended end use. This mixture is carded to clean & mix the fibres. The mixture is ready for weaving or knitting, and can also be compressed to produce matrices.

You can donate old clothes to the needy. It will not only help them against harsh temperature conditions but will also make you happy.

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