6 Female Graffiti Artists You Need To Discover

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Faith47 is a South African graffiti self-taught artist, based in Cape Town. She’s one of the most famous female graffiti artists in the world! Her early work is inspired by the social problems going on in her country. A lot of her work tackles the problem of people being promised a better future in life. Yet, in reality, their lives are hard and harsh. She explores motherhood, inequality, poverty and injustice. She is on a mission to bring to life what people usually throw away or ignore.

Panmela Castro

Panmela Castro is a Brazilian artist who uses her art to raise awareness about violence against women and promote positive social change! She wants Brazilian women to know that they have rights, and that physical and mental abuse is illegal and violates human rights. Coming from a family which has experienced many incidents of domestic violence, she was unfortunately a domestic violence victim herself. She is empowering herself and others by continuing to draw graffiti on the streets and teach graffiti styles in workshops to women.

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