6 Female Graffiti Artists You Need To Discover

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American born Swoon, started getting recognised on the street art scene in 1999. She’ll take round 2 weeks working on portraits made from recycled newspaper in her studio, to then head out on the streets. She pastes her creations on the walls with wheat paste! With a mission to become ‘part of the world’ and not have her world stuck hanging in some gallery, she has always loved being creative out in the open environment. She wants to create life in what would otherwise just be an empty space. Street art is the answer. Find out more about Swoon here and get your own graffiti drawings off to a brilliant start with some sketching markers.

Miss Van

Miss Van loves to draw graffiti and initiated the street art feminine movement! Born in Toulouse, France, her unique female doll characters are edgy and cute, depicting a variety of emotions. Miss Van expresses sexuality, desire and passion in her characters and with their full-bodied figures, they are body positive!

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