6 extremely Instagrammable reasons to visit Hong Kong

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After you’ve snapped the essential postcard shots of Hong Kong — namely Star Ferry and Victoria Harbour — how about a detour to an abandoned desalting plant that’s now a movie studio and graffiti artist’s paradise?

“Hong Kong actually has a lot of gray canvas to use,” says “Uncle,” one of the city’s most active graffiti artists.

His studio, Afterworkshop, is one of the few organizations in Hong Kong that’s dedicated to educating the public, making street art a part of the city’s urban landscape.

“When an old district needs refurbishing, the government or the owner can hire street artists to paint the walls instead of just a plain color, for instance,” he tells CNN Travel. “It’ll give Hong Kong more characters and new colorful attractions.”

Fortunately the city isn’t off to a bad start. From the biggest street art party in Hong Kong to a community art tour, here are six Instagrammable ways to enjoy Hong Kong’s artistic side.

1. See art outside a disused desalting plant

Towering over the South China Sea, the now-shuttered Lok On Pai Desalting Plant is a hotspot for Hong Kong street artists.

The biggest desalting plant in the world when it was first built in the 1970s, the factory was closed in 1982 and is now mostly used as a movie studio (some scenes from Jackie Chan’s “New Police Story” were filmed there.)

Visitors need permission to get inside but the periphery of the factory is accessible to the public. There’s also a weekly flea market behind the factory.

“It is one of the rare places in Hong Kong where we’re allowed to paint large-scale graffiti,” says Uncle. “It’s a bit far from the city center but as the flea market next to the factory opens on Saturday, visitors will walk past the factory and see our works.”

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