6 Energy Saving Gadgets That Are Totally Worth It

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As consumers look for energy-saving products to help the environment and save money, manufacturers are offering more “green” gadgets than ever before. But not all are worth the money, and some are an outright waste. Here are the top gadgets available that are actually worth the price to help you live green and save money while you’re at it!

1. Smart Thermostats

A step beyond the programmable thermostat, new smart thermostats learn how and when your family uses the heating and air conditioning system and follows your patterns for the smartest energy savings. Since as much as 40 percent of your home’s overall energy bill from heating and cooling. This system is a great place to make huge differences with a little investment. Though these thermostats cost over $200, many landlords are willing to credit this cost on your next rent payment.

2. LED Lighting

Of all the energy-efficient lighting available, LED bulbs offer the brightest light for the least money. Halogen and compact fluorescent haven’t been quite as well received among consumers for several reasons. Some fear the mercury in fluorescent bulbs while others aren’t satisfied with the quality of light from halogen. LED is a good alternative, providing a consistent light for little money, and they are safe.

3. Energy Management Systems

These systems allow you to control your entire home via remote control. You’ll never have to worry about leaving lights on, whether the house will be comfortable when you come home, or if you left the coffee maker on. The lights, heating and air system, appliances, stereo, and security system can all be controlled from your remote or with your smartphone.

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