5 Ways to Power Your Eco-Friendly Home with Renewable Energy

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4. The Powerwall

Although not designed to serve as a standalone power supply system, the Powerwallholds huge potential to dial up your home’s green energy game by allowing you to store power generated by other eco-friendly means and use it whenever necessary. Combined with a solar panel, Tesla Powerwall can double as a renewable generator and can save you a lot of money down the road even if you don’t back it up using a secondary energy system.

A large rechargeable battery that can take in as many as several kilowatt-hours of electricity, the Powerwall can be programmed to charge itself directly from the grid at intervals of low electricity charges and discharge when the power price is high. If you want to hack peak savings and environmental benefits, however, you should consider pairing the Powerwall with an eco-friendly generator such as solar panels.

5. Biomass

One of the more recent additions to the eco-friendly fuel lineup, biomass is made from organic waste such as scrap lumber, certain crop types, agricultural waste residue, sawdust, municipal solid waste, manure, and forest debris.

In addition to allowing you to reduce heating costs, use of biomass also entails lower greenhouse emission compared to conventional fossil fuel, and it’s also beneficial for the Earth as it helps manage forests and crops and do away with renewable organic waste which would otherwise end up in landfills or would have to be burnt in open fires.

In addition to environmental safety and cost efficiency, use of biomass also entails a lower need for use of foreign oil normally required for shipping fossil fuel from other parts of the world. Because of all these neat benefits, switching to biomass as primary fuel type will make a smart investment in the long run.

Going green with your home’s power supply is one of the smartest moves you can make today for your family’s well being, long-term savings, and brighter and safer future for the generations to come. There are many renewable energy sources out there which you can choose from, but in case you want to cut out hassle and planning from the equation, you can simply pick one of the fuel types listed above and call it a green-powered day. Ready to switch to renewable fuel? Ready, steady, go and make your lovely house feel like a true, warm home. Good luck and may the green light guide your way!

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