5 Ways to Power Your Eco-Friendly Home with Renewable Energy

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2. Solar panels

In case your home’s energy needs don’t exceed the norm, switching to solar power is by far the best option. By installing a few solar panels in the yard or dressing your roof with solar shingles, you can harness all the green power your household needs for everyday use, and perhaps even generate extra energy which you’ll then be able to store in solar batteries and save for later use or sell into the national grid.

The downside of using solar energy as the primary power source for your household is that your energy might go absent without official leave in seasons with little sunshine. For this reason, you should brace your household for less than sunny days by introducing a secondary energy source such as a wind turbine or a small hydropower plant. That way, your home will stay on the clean, green, and well-supplied side of the energy agenda come rain or shine.

3. Hydropower

Another alternative energy source available to crafty homeowners, hydro power is the next big hit which promises to revolutionize the way riverside households handle power supply. If your property sits on the bank of a river or stream, you can divert some or all of the water to flow through a turbine and generate energy to power your home. Unlike solar or wind power, hydropower is stable and continuous, so your home’s energy needs will be covered 24/7 regardless of weather changes.

On top of that, energy experts say that hydropower generators can produce up to 10-100 times more power than standard solar panels or wind turbines for the same capital investment, which makes them a go-to for homeowners who live within two kilometers from a watercourse such as river or stream. Still, know that you should hire professionals to install the generator as the process requires solid technical knowledge.

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