5 Ways to Power Your Eco-Friendly Home with Renewable Energy

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For the past few decades, environmentalists have been warning about rapid depletion of natural fuel resources, and it seems homeowners around the world are finally waking up to the need for a mass switch to renewable energy. Back in 2016, renewable energy accounted for nearly 40% of the growth in global power generation, and it’s likely that the popularity of alternative fuel will only continue to increase in the years to come as green energy is good for both the planet and homeowners’ budget.

Still, how do you pick the right eco-friendly energy source for your home, and what options do you have at your disposal when it comes to green power?

1. Wind turbines

If your home is on the spacious side and requires a lot of energy for everyday maintenance and activities, a small-scale wind turbine might be your best bet when it comes to green power. Still, you should do the math before installing the turbine on your property to make sure the move is justified from the point of profitability.

As a rule, a home wind turbine can take years to pay off depending on wind intensity in the area, so you should double-check the figures if you want to avoid losing a small fortune to the green energy upgrade. On top of that, even a modestly-sized wind turbine takes up quite a bit of space and it can be noisy when running, which makes it an unpopular eco-energy choice for residential areas. On the plus side, installing a wind turbine will allow you to easily generate enough energy to cover most of your household’s needs, so it can be a smarter renewable investment than going solar.

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