5 Tools To Add Into Your Miniature Painting Kit (That Aren’t Paints or Brushes)

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The more you paint, the more tricks you pick up and the more tools you add to your toolbox. I’ve been painting for almost two decades and have had a couple of great painters tutor me. Each one taught me different uses for most of the tools I own. Everyone’s paint style is a little bit different, so your mileage may vary, but these are the top five tools (or groupings of tools) I use on a regular basis:

Thinning Materials

You could use plain water to thin your paints, but sometimes you get a weird separation of the pigments. Instead, I use three different mediums to keep the pigments suspended and even. You can get them from various manufacturers like those for fine arts, but the ones above are from Reaper.

Flow Improver: This little bottle gets quite a work out at my table. I use it to think down my paints when I want a thinner layer, but it is king at reviving almost dead paints. I’ve had some of my paints since I started and own their longevity to the use of Flow Improver.

Wash Medium: Perfect for when you have a thicker paint that would work perfect as a wash over your mini. The best part is that you can control how thin the paint gets.

Matte Medium: Works like Flow Improver in cutting the ratio of pigment to medium for thinner layers without making the paint runny.

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