5 Tips for Crisp Lines in Face Painting

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1. Invest in pro round brushes

As with all things, there can be a lot of variation in the artist’s tools. Yet, as most beginners are on a tight budget, they may find themselves overlooking quality when it comes to investing in tools and accessories.

I have also heard great reviews about a new brand of round brushes, very similar to Loew Cornell 795 series, called Aliyah Round White Taklon Series 1700.

Another option to consider is the new Paint Pal brushes, produced by Silly Farm. Everything that is produced under the thoughtful supervision of Heather Green is of the top quality. I haven’t had a chance to try these brushes myself yet, but I heard very good reviews about them and I believe that Heather did her best to present the best quality brushes for Silly Farm customers.

Knowing exactly what tools that work best will save you lots of time, money and stress. That’s why I dedicate the entire Part One of my online Course to setting a solid fundamental foundation of knowledge.

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