5 Sustainable Gardening Ideas to Keep Your Garden Green

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2. Be Selective When Choosing Plants

Another sustainable gardening method is choosing plants that are native to your area and are adapted to the area’s climate.

In addition to choosing plants that are native to your environment, you can also select plants that are pest-resistant or drought-resistant. These plants require less attention, water and pesticides, conserving resources and energy. Selecting plants that are compatible with each other is a good idea for green gardening, too. Choosing companion plants can help you save water, deter insects and improve growth which will help your garden stay sustainable.

3. Use Recycled Materials as Gardening Supplies

Recycling is an important part of growing a sustainable garden because it helps keep items out of the landfill. Before your go out to buy mulch, weed barrier or anything else you may need for your garden, think about what you already have that could be recycled into what you need. (This green gardening tip can also save you a few dollars, too.)

Ways to recycle in your garden:

  • Make mulch out of shredded newspaper or fallen leaves from around the yard.
  • Place cardboard between rows to reduce weed growth.
  • Use cardboard egg cartons or empty toilet paper rolls as containers for your indoor seedlings.
  • Reuse plastic bottles into watering cans.
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