5 Sustainable Gardening Ideas to Keep Your Garden Green

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Are you growing a garden this summer? Are you looking forward to spending time outside and harvesting veggies? What about improving your backyard sustainability? While it may seem like an eco-friendly hobby, gardening can actually do damage to the environment if you’re not careful. If going green is one of your gardening goals, take some time to read these sustainable gardening methods and work them into your plot.

What Is Sustainable Gardening?

Sustainable gardening methods are low impact ways to grow plants that aren’t harmful to the environment. This type of gardening uses resources thoughtfully and avoids using tactics that damage the environment.

Use the five green gardening ideas below to make your garden more eco-friendly.

Sustainable Gardening Methods

1. Compost Food Waste and Garden Waste

Composting, turning organic material into a rich soil conditioner, allows you to create your own natural plant fertilizer, which is great for sustainable gardening.

Composting improves backyard sustainability by:

  • Reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers.
  • Reducing the amount of garden waste that goes to the landfill.
  • Improving the soil in your garden.
  • Keeping in moisture and allowing you to conserve water.

Simply save all the organic matter from your kitchen, excluding meat scraps, and all the weeds and leaf cuttings from your garden. Place them in a composting bin (learn to make your own here) or compost pile. Once your compost has cured for a few weeks and looks dark and crumbly, add it to your garden. Compost will provide the minerals your plants need so you won’t have to add synthetic fertilizer or plant food.

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