5 places to have a great cup of coffee outside of Seattle (but still in WA)

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We all have our go to coffee spots, our ride-or-dies so to speak, but it’s always nice to try something new when in a new city – and the comfort of a morning cup of joe is a great way to introduce yourself to a new place. So whether it’s a day trip to Tacoma, or a weekend trip to the faux Bavarian town of Leavenworth a great cappuccino or americano are not hard to find.

Tacoma – Manifesto

Tucked away on Hilltop in Tacoma is a tiny coffee shop serving maybe one of the best cups of coffee in the area. This place is heaven for those no-nonsense black coffee drinkers. A menu with only handful of options and few house-made syrups from the cocktail bar next door, 1022 St J., the roasted in-house beans are always the star of any cup. Manifesto is a relatively new coffee joint in Tacoma but already has quite a loyal customer base.

Olympia – Burial Grounds 

Burial Grounds is a quirky shop serving up some seriously unique coffee in our states’ Capital. Sure you can get an espresso or an americano to fill the tank, but maybe a spicy Mayan Mocha might be an option to power you through the workday. Or for those serious days, the Grave Robber offers those who need a serious wakeup six shots of espresso and a little hazelnut. It’s also a fun place to hang out with creepy-cool decor, a little library of books, and a welcoming community with plenty of tables you’ll have a relaxing place to work.

Leavenworth – J5 

You might think this faux-Bavarian town smack in the middle of the state might not have that many coffee options available, especially when it has mulled wine to contend with on a cold winter’s day, but J5 coffee might be the most-hidden coffee gem around. Family-run and boasting a traditional menu (doppio’s and cortado’s along with the usual lattes and hot chocolates) it’s also a one-stop shop to amp up your coffee-making skills with a bevy of accouterments available for purchase.

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