5 Painting Mistakes That’ll Show

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4. Forgetting about what’s overhead.

Ignoring the ceiling when repainting can make the room appear dull and dirty, says Chuber. “Whether you pick white or a bright color, painting it properly will give you those sharp edges along the top and can make wall color pop,” Chuber says.

5. Adding an accent wall in an odd place.

Adding a pop of color to an accent wall is a popular move, but homeowners should make sure the effect isn’t jarring. “Accent walls are supposed to draw attention to a beautiful area, like the dining room—but not the bathroom or toilet area,” Kaitlin Willhoit, a real estate pro with The Boutique Real Estate Group, told realtor.com®. Also, the paint chosen for the accent wall needs to still work with the overall color scheme of the room or the house, says Bee Heinemann, interior designer with Vant Wall Panels. Too bright or too bold a color may be a turnoff to buyers.

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