5 Indian Female Celebrities Who Are Richer Than Their Husbands!

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In today’s world, there’s nothing shocking if your female counterpart is earning more than you or even heads your corporate company. Women are progressing in all fields at a very high rate and therefore getting paid more for their work. So sometimes, it’s possible that females can earn more – and that too in a personal relationship.

While it’s considered the duty of the husband or the partner to encourage them, it’s totally upon their understanding how they make use of it. In fact, a man whose partner earns more, only makes his stature higher in this chauvinist society.

1. Sania Mirza

The 31-year-old current top ranked women’s doubles tennis player in the world is a successful name in India. Sania Mirza is the most recognizable and respected female successful athletes of all time. India’s most famous tennis player got married to Pakistani cricket star Shoaib Malik in 2010.

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