3 Eco-Friendly Solutions to Save Your Home From Termites

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First thing’s first: Hire a professional. When faced with pests, many people tend to try and resolve the problem on their own. And while this may work with certain types of pests, the termite is not to be trifled with. Termites may be the most difficult pest to eradicate, therefore it’s important to fight them with someone who knows what they’re up against. The worst thing that can happen if you mismanage a war against roaches is you will end up with more roaches. Termites, on the other hand, threaten the very foundation of your home. Mismanaging a termite infestation could mean astronomical amounts of money dedicated to repairing your house.

Since termites are so difficult to eradicate, many pest control experts opt to use dangerous chemicals in pursuit of these pesky critters. This can pose a significant risk to your children and pets, whom you cherish.

Termites can live in your home for an extended period of time without being detected. They can cause significant structural damage to your home before you even know they are there. The first step to nipping these critters in the bud is the ability to identify the problem. Even if you don’t have termites, always keep an eye out for these signs: Peeling paint, tiny holes in the wall, sagging floors, jammed doors and windows, falling branches from trees in your yard and mud tubes near your foundation to name a few.

Our purpose in this article is to outline the 3 best eco-friendly solutions for completely removing termites from your home. And for heaven’s sake, hire a professional!

1. Liquid Nitrogen
One of the leading eco-friendly solutions for removing termites is using liquid nitrogen. What’s great about this method is it only takes a few hours, which limits the disruption to your daily life. A pump is used to penetrate the affected areas with liquid nitrogen. Termites will die once the affected area hits 20 below.

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