26+ Prodigious Ways That Can Help You To Prevent Litter

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13. Make time once a week to pick up- If you don’t want to pick up trash every day, maybe cut out an hour or two once a week and clean the streets around your neighborhood and the surrounding areas.

14. Make signs- They can be as fancy as you want, as long as they get the Please Do Not Litter message across. Or may be some environment related slogans that can get people away from throwing litter on the road.

15. Ask businesses to put trash cans out front their stores- Many people will give up and just drop whatever garbage is in their hands after not finding a trash can for a few minutes.

16. Educate and ask local construction companies for help- Many construction companies don’t use a cover on their vehicles causing trash to blow out of the bed. Kindly remind them that it is necessary to keep our environment free of garbage.

17. Call your leasing office- Ask that they have enough receptacles out in the common areas, as well as bags available to clean up after animals.

18. Donate trash containers to the community- If you have the finances, call areas where you think there need to be a container, purchase one, and donate it to the cause.

19. Remind others- Not in a mean and bossy way, a simple friendly reminder goes a long way.

20. Ask smoker’s to throw away butts- Roughly 38% of the US’ litter comes from cigarette butts.

21. Carry portable ashtrays- If you can, have a couple on you to hand out to smokers in need.

22. Recycle when possible- By recycling, we can help reduce the amount of waste in the world by re-using. When you reduce the amount of waste that gets generated in your home, you actually reduce the amount of garbage that ends up at landfill sites.

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