26+ Prodigious Ways That Can Help You To Prevent Litter

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3. Get your neighbors involved-Ask the people who live around you to help keep the place you both call home clean. Places with trash all around become home ground for mosquitoes which bring various diseases with them.

4. Ensure the lid on the trash can is secured- Most lids close fairly tightly on their own, however, if you’re having an issue with your container, bungee cords or a length of rope will help.

5. Don’t leave out unopened boxes- For those who have curbside service, unsecured boxes make it easy for animals to get into your garbage or even simply for the wind to float your trash away.

6. Carry a litter bag in your car- Too any people underestimate the amount of litter that can fall out of a cluttered car. It is therefore considered wise to carry a litter bag always with you.

7. Make bags- If you’re handy with crafts or know a website online where you can make custom bags, create some with a positive message and hand them out to neighbors, friends, and businesses. Not only it will inspire them to contribute their part towards the environment but will also help you to build relationships with them.

8. Set up litter cleaning groups- Whether you have a few good friends or decide to go bigger and create a MeetUp group, or find volunteers on Craigslist, more people helping means a cleaner Earth.

9. Adopt a highway- Formally adopt a highway and make it your duty to keep it clean. Try to involve your friends with you.

10. Reach out to local groups- Ensure that they have litter bags and proper disposal methods for any outdoor events.

11. Plant flowers- It is statistically proven that people are less likely to litter when there are flowers on the ground.

12. Reach out to local businesses- Ask them to be sure they are provided their employees with proper waste receptacles.

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