16 Celeb Mamas Who Gave Up Hollywood To Focus On Their Kids

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Motherhood. We know it’s a full-time job—an exhausting full-time job—where our days are filled with tiny tyrants, dirt and food everywhere, epic adventures and sporadic nap times. It’s a full-time job where the pay is long hugs and wet kisses. It’s also a full-time job that we never leave—whether we’re sitting at the table with our family or we’re hundreds of miles away. We are mothers and nothing will ever change that.

The undeniable truth is that it’s hard to be a mother, but we love it because we love our kids. We love every one of those big and little moments we get to have with our babies. Unfortunately, when we also have full-time careers, we miss out on a lot of those moments. We come home from work one day and our baby is suddenly walking. Every moment is precious and we find ourselves losing out on the memories—ones that pictures really just don’t capture.

Celeb moms are no different. Sometimes working a full day for them means leaving before their kid is up for the day and not coming home until days—or even months—later. It’s definitely stressful. For some celeb moms, that’s just not an acceptable way to go through motherhood. It means making the sacrifice—trading the career for being a mom.

16. Shania Twain—Pop Star Gone Nursery Pop Star

Country Pop Queen Shania Twain can do it all. She can sing, dance, write and outperform the best of them. This legendary singer lived in the spotlight, lived on the road and was a household name. It’s no wonder she decided to leave all of that behind with the birth of her son Eja. Leaving Canada and the United States behind, Twain and her husband Robert Lange relocated to Switzerland to give Eja 100% of their attention.

Her days singing country pop songs were readily replaced with nursery songs. We can’t think of a better way to get away from it all! Her retirement from it all didn’t last long as she returned to the music industry six years after being away. Time changed nothing as the Country Pop Queen quickly regained her title.

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