15 Times Celebs Were Fired From Set

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Too bad for the rich and the famous, when they get canned and get kicked off the set, we know about it almost immediately.

People get fired from jobs all the time. Their work might not be up to snuff or they have a bad attitude that rubs the other employees the wrong way, or something more sinister, like stealing or embezzlement or harassment. Fortunately for us regular folks, any mishaps that happen in our workplace don’t make the papers or go viral (unless we REALLY mess up). Too bad for the rich and the famous, they’re not afforded that luxury, and so when they get kicked off the set, we know about it almost immediately.

Loads of celebs will go out for different roles, only to be told that someone else beat them out for it. It sucks, but it’s life. What’s way worse is being picked for a part only to be dropped once you’ve started! There are tons of reasons why actors and actresses get axed from projects, some that match up with what would get the rest of us booted from a business. Other times, it’s a little stranger, darker, or crazier than we could ever have expected. TV and movie sets can be a hectic place, and if you can’t keep up, get along with everyone, and play nice, then, sorry buddy, you’re outta here!

15. Ryan Gosling: Fired For Gaining Weight

It’s almost always a good thing when actors get really into their roles and want to be part of the creative vision of a project. It leads to collaboration and true immersion into a character, but perhaps Ryan Gosling should’ve checked with his director before taking things into his own hands.

For the 2009 film The Lovely Bones, Gosling was cast to play the grieving father of a daughter who has been r*ped and murdered. Gosling thought that gaining weight for the role would physically symbolize his character’s grief and vulnerability, but unfortunately for him, director Peter Jackson disagreed. Of his own volition, the Canadian heartthrob packed on sixty pounds – and then was fired for it a few weeks before filming was supposed to begin! Since he had to slim back down in order to nab more roles, he couldn’t even turn to comfort food to console himself! Mark Wahlberg ended up getting cast instead, and Gosling stated later that he was too young to play the father of a 14-year-old. Sure, Ryan.

14. Lindsay Lohan: Fired For Being A Mess

Poor Lindsay Lohan. Rather than get dropped from one movie or TV project for a strange reason, the notoriously troubled actress was axed from THREE separate sets over the years! Beginning in 2010, Lohan was fired from the comedy-drama The Other Side, which went to Katie Holmes and Brittany Murphy before asking Lohan. In the end, the redhead was ditched for not being “bankable enough”. That same year, she seemed like a lock for the role of adult film actress Linda Lovelace, but it was revealed that the director found it impossible to insure her, and the spot went to Amanda Seyfried instead.

You’d think then that a TV series detailing Lohan’s rise from the ashes of her career should be a given, right? Nope! Despite much help from Oprah herself, Lohan wasn’t able to secure a second season for her self-titled reality show Lindsay, which was supposed to document her journey towards sobriety and reclaiming of her career. Hard to do that when you’re, you know, NOT sober or working at being an actress!

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