15 Surprising Celeb Women Who Don’t Want Kids (But Had Them Anyway)

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Blue Ivy, North West, Suri Cruise there’s nothing we love more than a celeb baby.

Blue Ivy, North West, Suri Cruise there’s nothing we love more than a celeb baby. The children of celebrities often become almost as much of a fascination as their famous parents, as we look for their parent’s celeb features and talents in the next generation. And while fans are often super stoked to hear about their favorite celebrities welcoming a little one to this world, not every star feels the need to be a parent. Lots of famous people have talked about their lack of desire to have kids of their own for one reason or another, despite the societal pressure to start popping out a lot of famous little ones. Women, for whom having children is somewhat circumscribed by our biological clocks and who are traditionally associated with childcare, are under special pressure to have kids. Famous women are probably under the most pressure though, as nothing makes a better story for the press to cash in on than a celeb baby. Many celeb ladies have come out and defended their decisions not to get pregnant, for a huge range of reasons. Lots of celeb ladies have stuck to their decision, while others had a change of heart later in life – and despite societal pressure, many women are demonstrating that there is no right or wrong here. From the childless celebs in this line-up, it’s clear that there is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to whether or not a woman is going to have kids. So which stars said “no, thanks” to kids? Check ’em out!

15. Portia de Rossi and Ellen Degeneres

The Arrested Development star, who is married to well-known talk show host and comedian Ellen Degeneres, has stated that both she and her wife would have to “really want” kids in order to make it work, and that parenting is something that neither have expressed a serious interest in. So far, de Rossi has no plans for children, but she has said that married life is really “blissful” and she’s happy to be baby-free. Although the tabloid rumors about the couple having kids circulate continuously, Ellen has confirmed that they have no regrets about their decision not to have kids: “We talked about it for a minute, about four years into the relationship, but we just decided we like our conversations not being interrupted and our furniture without sticky grape juice on it.” Ellen says she loves kids, but jokes: “It seems like a commitment that you have to stick with. And I just don’t know if I can—it’s too risky. Like, what if I don’t like the kid?” she laughed.

14. Oprah

As a fabulously wealthy lifestyle expert, Oprah would arguably have made a pretty killer mom. But the media mogul herself has joked that her kids would “hate” her due to her busy career. “I didn’t want babies. I wouldn’t have been a good mom for babies” she has said. And things haven’t changed in that regard for the talk show host, who still doesn’t have kids of her own. But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t support the next generation in her own way; the Oprah Winfrey Academy of Leadership for Girls helps young women get an education. It is well-known that Maya Angelou saw Oprah as a daughter, and Oprah seems to be continuing that tradition, describing her many students as her “daughters”. As usual, Oprah seems to be all about bringing the love to more people, and this seems no different when it comes to Oprah’s mothering instincts.

13. Zooey Deschanel

The doe-eyed New Girl actress once admitted to the press that she didn’t feel like she had a maternal instinct and that she liked working too much to have kids. Well, things changed in that department for the actress — she recently had her first child with her boyfriend Jacob Pechnik, calling her daughter Elsie “Otter” Pechenik. We have no idea why she would call her daughter Otter, but it fits into the trend for celebs giving their kids weird and wacky names. The quirky actress has said in an interview that the choice had to do with the traits of the animal: “They are very sweet and they are also smart. They use tools, they keep their favorite tools. They hold hands while they sleep. There are so many amazing things about otters. Who doesn’t love otters?” It’s still a pretty odd choice Zooey but OK. The actress was recently the voice of Bridget in Fox’s new movie, Trolls, and is looking forward to having her second child.

12. Eva Mendez

The Ghost Rider actress stated in an interview that she just didn’t feel the “urge” to have a baby. She said: “I don’t wanna have kids … I love the little suckers; they’re so cute. But I love sleep so much, and I worry about everything,” adding, “I feel like the institution of marriage is a very archaic kinda thing. I don’t think it fits in my world today.” Of course, that was before Ryan Gosling came along. We don’t blame Eva for changing her mind after her marriage to the most adored man in Hollywood. The couple welcomed their first child, Esmeralda Gosling, in the fall of 2014. They have since had a second daughter, Amada, although they have made the decision to keep both girls out of the media spotlight, at least for the time being. Ryan has gushed about his house full of girls: “It’s like a dream.” Yep, that’s why we love him.

11. Fergie

In 2012, the “L.A. Love” singer told MTV News that she was putting off having kids until she and her husband Josh Duhamel felt more prepared to change their lifestyle. Let’s just say that things didn’t take all that long to turn around for Fergie. She and her husband welcomed their son Axl Jack Duhamel the next year, in 2013! Since then, she has revealed that she would like to have another child with her husband and hopes that this time they will have a little girl together. The 40-year-old mom said: “After the album and the tour, we would love to have another child. Absolutely.” Fergie has a new album on the way as well as her little one and plans for a new baby too. All this after Fergie’s initial reticence to get keen for kiddies. Perhaps it goes to show that sometimes it’s all about the right relationship and the right moment too.

10. Renee Zellweger

The Chicago star has claimed that motherhood was simply never an ambition of hers. So far, she has been true to her word, with no kids of her own, even though she does love being an aunt to her brother’s children. She says that she admires her alter ego Bridget Jones, who “makes it okay to be imperfect” in the movie Bridget Jones’ Baby. After playing the pregnant Bridget, Renee wasn’t keen to answer the press’ persistent questions about whether the experience had made her crave a child of her own. She said: “I’ve never been that deliberate about my life and the things that I would require in order to be happy.” She said that she loves the character of Bridget though, saying: “she makes it OK to be human at a time when we feel probably that there’s a lot of social pressure to be a certain way, to look a certain way, to have established certain things in your life by a certain phase in your life experience. She’s sort of challenging those notions.”

9. Cameron Diaz

The gorgeous model and actress has told Women’s Health magazine that she likes her life too much to bring a child into it. We thought that there was no reason to be on bump watch when it comes to Cameron – it didn’t sound like she’ll be prepping a nursery any time soon. Until she and Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden got hitched! The 43-year-old stunner has said that she has found happiness with Benji and “wants a family”. In earlier, pre-wedding interviews, Cameron had said: “It’s so much more work to have children. To have lives besides your own that you are responsible for – I didn’t take that on. … A baby – that’s all day, every day for 18 years. Not having a baby might really make things easier, but that doesn’t make it an easy decision. I like protecting people, but I was never drawn to being a mother.”

8. Margaret Cho

Don’t ask this comedian to babysit. According to the Drop Dead Diva actress, babies really scare her! Though Cho admitted in a Salon piece that her stance on kids isn’t set in stone, she’s pretty sure that she doesn’t want to have any of her own. That is, until recently. The successful comic sadly suffered a miscarriage in 2016 after trying for a baby. She bravely opened up about her tragic experience on the Maria Menounos show: “Earlier this year, unfortunately, the baby died, and it was very difficult because I thought I couldn’t ever again”. At 47, Margaret is at the outer limit of the period in which women’s fertility rate is high enough for them to successfully (and safely) conceive a child. But apparently, Margaret’s doctors say that it is still possible for her to conceive a baby naturally before turning to in vitro fertilization as the next step. So who knows – fingers crossed for a mini Margaret.

7. Helen Mirren

One of the best-known actresses in Hollywood, Helen Mirren has a career of highlights but says that having children of her own has never appealed to her. The 100 Foot Journey actress married her husband Taylor Hackford in 1997, but they don’t have any children together, although Helen does have two stepchildren from Hackford’s previous relationship. “I love children, they are so funny and so sweet, but I never wanted my own,” she has said, At 69, she still claims to put her “work in front of everything.” And although she is clearly committed to her creative work, she has admitted that there was a moment when she grieved for the “loss” of not having been a mother. The actress wasn’t afraid to be candid about her feelings on the matter: “I have never had a moment of regret about not having children. Well, I lie. When I watched the movie, Parenthood, I sobbed for about 20 minutes. I realized I would never experience that, and for about 20 minutes, I sobbed for the loss of that and the fact that I never experienced it.”

6. Chelsea Handler

In her series of spoof adverts called “Kids: They’re Not That Great” Chelsea hilariously speaks out against the cultural imperative to have children that many women experience in their twenties and thirties. In an interview with talk show The Conversation, the late night host admitted that she didn’t think she’d be a great mother. She said that she didn’t want to have kids and then have them be raised by a nanny due to her own busy career. With a new Netflix show coming out, it doesn’t look like Handler’s planning on slowing down for babies any time soon. Handler is notorious for bucking the societal trend, and pointing out that there are other options apart from settling down. The comedian also has alternative views about marriage: “I never understood why people would want to get married. To me, marriage always encompassed a huge wedding and a huge reception and a commitment lumped together. But I realize now that you can be committed to someone without that commercialization and all that nonsense. So now I’d get married.”

5. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has said that she feels the constant “kids” question is “not really fair”. The tabloids may be permanently on Aniston baby bump watch, but she’d rather focus on her career than raising a family. Sounding tired of the press attention on every aspect of her life, especially her relationship with her husband Justin Theroux, Jen said: “I just find it to be energy that is unnecessary and not really fair for those who may or may not [have children],” she added. “Who knows what the reason is, why people aren’t having kids. There’s a lot of reasons that could be, and maybe it’s something that no one wants to discuss. It’s everyone’s personal prerogative, that’s all.” To be fair, Jen is right that women shouldn’t have to defend their decision not to have kids. She also told Carson Daly that she doesn’t like the pressure put on women to have them. She stated: “I don’t have this checklist of things that have to be done and if I’ve not checked them, then I’ve failed some part of my feminism or my being a woman or my worth or value as a woman because I haven’t birthed a child.”

4. Kim Cattrall

No doubt actors get tired of being mistaken for being the characters that they play on screen in their real lives. But one instance of this being true is Kim Cattrall, much like her Sex and the City character Samantha Jones has said that she’s not interested in pursuing motherhood. Though the actress has considered having a child via sperm donation, she ultimately realized that her interest in having a baby came from outside sources, and not her own internal desires. Kim has explained to reporters: “I don’t have kids, I’m not married – those were certain aspirations I had and society has – and some people would say, ‘You must be so lonely’ and others would say, ‘Good for her.’ But I’m happy with the decisions I made. I realized I wouldn’t be doing the child I had any favors or the husband that I did have any favors. But I didn’t make these decisions willy-nilly. I really thought about them and, ultimately, I knew that they were right.”

3. Stevie Nicks

The famous Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks is one of the legends of music but says she thinks that becoming a mother automatically changes one’s life focus. That is clearly something she doesn’t want to do because she has never had any. Stevie confirmed rumors in 2014 that she was once pregnant with Don Henley’s baby, saying heartbreakingly “I would have named her Sara” (perhaps that has something to do with the band’s song of the same name). The only regret that Stevie has is her eight year addiction to prescription pills: “That’s eight years that I could have. God knows, maybe I would have met someone, maybe I would have had a baby. That was my prime eight years. That was a big mistake. Everything else was exactly how it should have been.” Despite her turbulent-seeming love life and hugely productive creative career, Stevie says “I’m basically a happy person.”

2. Ashley Judd

The actress Ashley Judd ruffled a few feathers when she claimed that it was “selfish” for people to procreate. In her 2011 memoir, “All That is Bitter and Sweet”, Judd states: “I figured it was selfish for us to pour our resources into making our ‘own’ babies when those very resources and energy could not only help children already here but through advocacy and service transform the world into a place where no child ever needs to be born into poverty and abuse again.” Sounds like Ashley channeled any maternal impulses she might have had into looking after the world’s children, rather than getting pregnant with her own. Her history of abuse as a child may be a part of what motivates her to look out for unloved children around the world. She has come out in defense of abortion, despite saying that for her it was an “excruciating decision” but that it is important women have the option to abort, especially in cases in which the would-be mother was abused.

1. Dita Von Teese

She may be an internationally known object of male desire, but Dita Von Teese is also her own woman. The burlesque dancer isn’t putting any pressure on herself to have kids of her own. Though Von Teese says that she adores her sister’s kids and her two dogs, having kids of her own isn’t a priority. At least, not for now. She told the Independent newspaper: “I’m just going to watch how my life unfolds and see what happens. I’m not going to be less of a person if I don’t have children.” The performer has however promoted a line of maternity lingerie so that pregnant women can feel attractive throughout their pregnancies, as their bodies change. She opened up about the kids question: “It’s just not always easy to find the right person to align yourself with and to make that decision to have a kid, especially with someone like me who’s made my living off of striptease for the past 20 years. It’s something I am definitely thinking about; having a baby and wearing this collection.”

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