15 Super Easy Ways to Adopt a Zero Waste Lifestyle

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6. Ditch the plastic coffee mug

In western countries, plastic coffee mugs are becoming a real problem especially in high production states and towns. Instead of helping a landfill fill up, you can buy your own coffee mug. There are even those that are actually thermos mugs with metal casings so that they do not break.

7. Stop using the Q tips (Cotton buds)

The plastic at the center of a cotton bud is not biodegradable. Cotton buds are being used at a very fast pace which is a creating a menace for the environment. Besides, their usage is totally inappropriate because if you value your health, you will know you need the wax in your ears. Instead of using the cotton buds, just wash your ears with a clean cloth and leave it at that.

8. Invest in multipurpose soaps

Instead of buying so many products for different but related functions, just buy a multipurpose product. Usually, when you go to the store you will buy hand washing soap which will be in a plastic bottle dispenser and shower liquid body wash which is in a plastic bottle. As an alternative, you can buy a single multipurpose soap and reduce the waste. They double as a dish cleaning and hand cleaner soap.

9. Make your own cleaning products

Most cleaning products in the market are toxic to both you and the environment. The disposable containers that are needed for the various cleaning products are ridiculous and the chemicals used are high off the charts. So, why not make your own? There is nothing disposable about it and your respiratory system will thank you. You just need a quarter cup of bicarbonate or baking soda, half a cup of vinegar, two liters of water and a few drops of tea tree oil for fragrance. If you think about it, it actually saves you money and since there is no waste, it is great for the environment.

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