15 Super Easy Ways to Adopt a Zero Waste Lifestyle

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2. Take your own containers

In the case of products that cannot be stored in sacks, bulk stores allow you to bring your own containers and jars. Containers can be used to store oils and jars for pastes and jams. These containers and jars can just be washed and reused anytime the product runs out. It’s just a matter of ensuring you know the volume of your jar or container. Also, the use of specific containers and jars for specific products is essential at ensuring the products don’t go bad easily.

3. Replace plastic bags with reusable cloth bags

Plastic bags create a lot of problems and plastic pollution to the ecosystem because they do not decompose. They clog water ways, are a menace in parks and are problematic to us and our animals. Disposable plastic bags are simply too many to recycle and most of them come from shopping as they are used to wrap or package at the checkout. Instead, you could invest in different sizes of cloth bags which are reusable. They can be bought or made from old clothes.

4. Replace disposable paper towels with cloth towels

You may think to yourself that paper towels do no harm since they are biodegradable but the fossil fuels used in producing and transporting them are not exactly environment friendly. In the kitchen, you can invest in dishtowels and in the dining room some napkins can be quite effective. As opposed to disposable paper towels, the clothe ones can be used over and over again for an extended period because they only need washing after use.

5. Reuse or replace aluminum foil

It might come as a shocker to most people but aluminum foil can be washed and reused. Most just go ahead and buy some more after it is finished. Alternatively, one can replace aluminum foil with glass Pyrex pan in roasting. It is actually healthier for both the environment and you as it doesn’t react with your food to leek aluminum in the food. In storing food, it is healthier to store it in reusable glass or plastic food containers.

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