15 Super Easy Ways to Adopt a Zero Waste Lifestyle

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According to energy auditors, approximately a million pounds of material is produced for one person alone in a year. Multiplying that with over a hundred million gives us lots of money spent, too much fuel and resources used and a lot of waste per individual. Take a minute and think of the waste you produce on average, from plastic paper bagsto water bottles. Think about the coffee mugs you use and throw away. Think about the paper towels you use once and discard.

Imagine the package involved in every product you are using. Now multiply that with over a hundred million other people. Perhaps it’s the reason the infamous trash island exists and it’s also the reason there are over 1500 landfills in the United States alone. What people across the globe need to remember is that change begins from within and by individual action. So, how can the planet reduce the million pounds of material produced annually? Let’s take a look at 15 super easy ways to adopt a zero waste lifestyle.

1. Buy products in bulk

Many people may be wondering what this will solve but surprisingly, the logic behind it is amazing. Every time you go to the store, they have to package the products bought. If you shop every week, for instance, that is around four disposable bags in a month. If you shop in a bulk however, that is just one disposable bag.

People should therefore look for bulk stores around them. These are the ones that sell products in sacks and barrels. Things like cereals have a very low perishable rate. Instead of buying a pound of oats from the store, one can buy sixty pounds of it in one sack instead. It reduces the number of trips to the store and the number of waste, especially plastic, that one produces.

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